Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening and The Medical Check-up Program

(Age-optimised, preventive health checks help to monitor your health status and maintain a healthy lifestyle)

With the daily stresses of life, many people don’t get the time to look after themselves or to take care of their health.

Most times, people go to the clinic only when there is a problem. Unfortunately, sometimes it is too late.

The saying “prevention is better than cure” is well-known by all, but few put it into practice. The need for a regular check-up grows with age.

The American Cancer Society recommends a cancer-related health check-up once a year for men and women older than 40, and every three years for those aged 20-39 years. At BMC, we offer screening tests that are tailored to your age group and risk factors, focusing on the prevention and early detection of diseases and cancers.

Our medical check-up program is designed to help you follow suit in the prevention and the optimization of your health.

Certain diseases or complications can be avoided if screening is done early, especially for certain cancers (breast, prostate and colon), hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, heart attacks, Hepatitis B, etc.

Call to get more information on the following check-up packages:

  1. Regular Medical Check-up (U$D 100).
  2. Executive Medical Check-up (U$D 300).
  3. Comprehensive Medical Check-up (U$D 400).

When was your last medical check-up?



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